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TMU's 60 Years of Excellence

Taipei Medical University (TMU) is approaching its 60th anniversary. Over the past 60 years, with the great efforts from our former Chairmen, Trustees, Presidents, staffs, students, and alumni, TMU have continued to make breakthroughs, innovations, and achievements that have garnered recognition at home and abroad.

TMU was established in 1960 and our endeavours along the way transformed TMU from a college with only 3 sheet metal houses and schools (School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy) into a university comprised of 11 colleges, 1 center, 15 schools, 43 graduate institutes, and 7 affiliated hospitals. In the past 60 years, TMU was able to strive under challenging circumstances and underwent the process of transformation which made us rise like a phoenix. Continuous improvements in infrastructure constructions and softwares won unanimous recognition in domestic and international accreditations and led us to a great leap in world university rankings.

TMU’s core concept of education focuses in nurturing talents that are equipped with both medical expertise and humanistic empathy. We will continue to advance our medical education quality and medcial care services as to arouse global attention and push us forward to step onto the global stage.

Looking back at past 60 years, TMU has undergone the past, and will step on now, stride toward the future. The strong foundations that TMU has established infused energy into Taiwan’s medical development in teaching, research, medical service, talent cultivation, resource integration, industry-academia cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship aspects. We have also driven the development of relevant industries and made immense contributions to the nation. We look into our 100th anniversary, for we will embrace the future with prospective vision, international perspectives, and open minds. With our bold steps, we will make TMU a world-class medical university.

                   Chairman                                     ,

                                 Taipei Medical University

Strive Through 60 Years: TMU’s Past, Present, and Future

On June 1, 2020, Taipei Medical University (TMU) will celebrate its 60th birthday. TMU grew one step at a time from our initial stage, to building the foundation, flourishing, expansion and transformation. Today, TMU has expanded into a medical university with seven hospitals and is renowed for its medical education and medical services at home and abroad. TMU attributes these accomplishments to the support from TMU Board of Trustees, and the hard work of the staff, students and alumi.

Over the past six decades, TMU grew under challenging circumstances. We have had considerable growth in operation scale, teaching, research, and service in recent ten years. According to QS World University Rankings 2020, TMU was ranked 379th worldwide. As for Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2020, TMU was ranked as 367th place. In the list of Asia Univerisity Rankings, TMU was ranked 80th in QS and 64th in THE. In Global Views Monthly Magazine’s 2019 Taiwan Best University Rankings, TMU was ranked top 1 in both medicial university section and private university section. This is the second consecutive year we won the 1st place and also our best performance throughout half past century.

With continuous expansion and transformation, TMU has expanded into a large medical education and medical service system comprised of seven hospitals (TMU Hospital, Wan Fang Medical Center, Shuang Ho Hospital, Taipei Cancer Center, Taipei Neuroscience Institute, Hsin Kuo Min Hospital, Ning Bo Medical Center). In the future, TMU will focus on becoming an education system integrated with teaching, research, industry-academia cooperation, and medicine. We will continue to grow into a world-class medical university with our steady footsteps.

To welcome this important time in TMU history, we will be holding many celebration events, including international symposiums, International Forum for Leaders in Higher Education, alumni homecoming, TMU 60th Anniversary Concert, TMU 60th Anniversary Sports Day, and many more, making the campus full of joyful atmosphere.

This year is TMU's 60th anniversary. 60 years of striving makes us today. We are grateful for the countless heroes and their hard work. TMU could not reach where we are today without the toils of our predecessors. I am confident that, with the guidance of the Board of Trustees and the concerted efforts from the staff and students, TMU will stride forward more firmly to create a bright, limitless future.

       President                                         ,

Taipei Medical University